Not an ecclesiastical province, but only that diocese of the province which is the archbishop's own

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     Catholic_Encyclopedia Archdiocese
    (Archidioikesis, archidioecesis).
    This term does not designate an ecclesiastical province, but only that diocese of the province which is the archbishop's own, and over which he holds immediate and exclusive jurisdiction.
    FERRARIS, Bibliotheca Canonica, etc; WERNZ, Jus Decretalium, II. tit. 34; SMITH, Elements of Ecclesiastical Law, I; PHILLIPS, Kirchenrecht, VI; SILBERNAGL Verfassung und Beshtand sämtlichber Kirchen des Orients (1904); Concilii Plenarii Balt. II Acta et Decreta, tit. III; SANTI, Prælectiones Juris Canonici, t. I; Gerarchia Cattolica (Roma, 1906).

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII. — New York: Robert Appleton Company. . 1910.

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