A titular see in Caria (Asia Minor) suffragan of Stauropolis

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    A titular see in Caria (Asia Minor) suffragan of Stauropolis. Stratoniceia or Stratonicea was founded perhaps on the site of the more ancient Idrias, in the interior of Caria, south-east of Mylassa, and south of the Marsyas, by Antiochus Soter, who named it after his wife Stratonice. His successors embellished it with magnificent monuments, and it became one of the chief towns of Caria. Later it was ceded to the Rhodians. Mithridates lived in it some time, and while there married the daughter of one of the principal citizens. Later it sustained a vigorous siege by Labienus. It is mentioned as a free town by Pliny. Some of its coins have been found. Near the city was a temple of Zeus Chrysaoreus, where the confederated Carian towns held their assemblies. To-day it is the small town of Eski Hissar, in the caza of Moughla, vilayet of Smyrna. It has extensive ruins, a theatre, tomb, columns, etc. The "Notitiæ episcopatuum" mention the see till the thirteenth century among the suffragans of Stauropolis. Only three of its bishops are known, by their signatures at councils: Eupeithus, at Chalcedon, 451; Theopemptus, at Constantinople, 692; Gregory, at Nicæa, 787.
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