Acquaviva (Cardinals)

Acquaviva (Cardinals)
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    Name of several Italian Cardinals.
    FRANCESCO, b. 1665 at Naples, of the family of the Dukes of Atri. He filled various offices under Innocent XI, Alexander VIII, Innocent XII, and Clement XI. The latter created him Cardinal, and Bishop of Sabina. He died in 1723, and was buried at Rome in the Church of Santa Cecilia.
    GIOVANNI VINCENZO, Bishop of Melfi and Rapolla (1537), Cardinal-priest of Sylvester and Martin (1542), d. in 1566.
    GIULIO, b. at Naples, 1546; d. 1574. Nuncio of St. Pius V to Philip II of Spain, made Cardinal by the same pope, whom he assisted on his deathbed.
    OTTAVIO (the elder), b. at Naples, 1560; d. 1612; filled various offices under Sixtus V, Gregory XIV, and Clement VIII, was Cardinal-legate in the Campagna and at Avignon, and was instrumental in the conversion of Henri IV. Leo XI made him Archbishop of Naples (1605).
    OTTAVIO (the younger), of the family of the dukes of Atri, b. at Naples, 1608; d. at Rome, 1674. He was made Cardinal in 1654 by Innocent IX, and legate at Viterbo and in Romagna, where he checked the ravages of the banditti. He is buried at Rome in the church of Santa Cecilia.
    TROIANO, b. 1694 at Naples, of the same ducal family; d. at Rome in 1747. He was employed by Benedict XIII in the administration of the Papal States, made Cardinal by Clement XII in 1732. He represented in the Curia the Kings of Spain, Philip V and Charles III, and at the former's request was made Archbishop of Toledo, whence he was transferred to Montereale. He was influential in the conclave ( see Conclave ) that elected (17 August, 1740) Benedict XIV. He is buried at Rome in the Church of Santa Cecilia.
    PASQUALE, of Avignon, b. 1719 at Naples; d. 1788. He was made Cardinal by Clement XIV in 1773.
    STAHL in Kirchenlex., I, 1177-78.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII. — New York: Robert Appleton Company. . 1910.

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