Alexander (Name of Seven Men)

Alexander (Name of Seven Men)
    Alexander, name of seven men
     Catholic_Encyclopedia Alexander, name of seven men
    King of Macedon, 336-323 B. c. He is mentioned in 1 Mach., i, 1-10; vi, 2. He is also supposed to be spoken of in Dan., ii,39; vii, 6; viii,5-7; xi 3,4.
    Eleventh King of Syria, 150-145 B. C. His struggle for the throne, his promises to Jonathan, his pro-Jewish policy may be learned from I Mach., x, 1-89. He was vanquished by his father-in-law, Ptolemy Philometor of Egypt, and Syria thus passed into the hands of Demetrius II (1 Mach., xi, 1-19).
    A son of Simon of Cyrene mentioned by St. Mark (xv, 21) who carried the Cross after Jesus.
    A member of the court that tried Peter and John (Acts, iv, 6); some identify him with Alexander Lysimachus the brother of Philo and friend of Claudius before he ascended the throne.
    A Jew or a Jewish Christian (Acts, xix, 33,34) who attempted to defend St. Paul in his Ephesian difficulty — some identify him with the son of Simon of Cyrene.
    An Ephesian Christian who apostatized (1 Tim., i, 20), and who together vith Hymeneus was delivered up to Satan by the Apostles.
    A coppersmith of Ephesus (2 Tim., iv, 14,15), who did much evil to St. Paul. Some identify him with the Alexander mentioned under the preceding number.
    A. J. MAAS
    Transcribed by Gerard Haffner

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII. — New York: Robert Appleton Company. . 1910.

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