Jean-Joseph Surin

Jean-Joseph Surin
Jean-Joseph Surin
    Jean-Joseph Surin
     Catholic_Encyclopedia Jean-Joseph Surin
    Born 1600; died at Bordeaux, 1665. He belonged to the Society of Jesus, and enjoyed great celebrity for his admirable virtues, his trials, and his talents as a spiritual director. Bossuet declared him "consumed with spirituality". At the suggestion of the Fathers of the Province of Aquitaine, assembled in provincial congregation (1755), the father general ordered his name inscribed in the "Ménologe de l'assistance de France". At the age of eight he took a vow of chastity, at ten he was taught to meditate by a Carmelite. Having been sent to Loudun to exorcize certain Ursulines tormented by the evil one, he was so horrified at the terrible sacrileges intended for three desecrated hosts that he immediately made an offering of his own spirit to be possessed by demons in expiation for this frightful crime. His prayer was granted, and for more than twenty years he was harassed by evil spirits, plunged in the depths of despair over his eternal damnation. At times he was unable to use his hands, his feet, his eyes, his tongue, or was impelled to commit a thousand extravagances, which even the most charitably inclined deemed foolish. The wrong impression under which he laboured at such times caused him the greatest joy. At no time, however, did this state of obsession prevent his devoting himself to preaching. It is true he was unable to prepare himself for this by any reading or study, but on entering the pulpit and making the sign of the cross a wonderful transformation was manifest. His vigorous mind instantly gained the ascendancy; his powerful voice and facile oratory won universal attention and admiration. His physician declared it miraculous. Even in writing or dictating his works he seemed gifted with Divine inspiration. He was healed eight years before his death and was thenceforth absorbed in the abundance of Divine communications. His principal works are: "Catéchisme spirituel" (Paris, 1659), published by the Prince de Conti, anonymously; "Fondements de la vie spiituelle" (Paris, 1667); "Cantiques spirituels" (Paris, 1660); "Dialogues spirituels" (Paris, 1704); "Lettres spirituelles" (Paris, 1695). His "Catéchisme spirituel" is on the Index, but with certain modifications soon to be made, it will be taken from the list.
    BOUIX, Vie du Père Surin (Paris, 1876), an abridgment of the life published by BOUDON (Paris, 1689); DE GUILHERMY, Ménologe de la C. de J. Assistance de France (Paris, 1892).
    Transcribed by Douglas J. Potter Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII. — New York: Robert Appleton Company. . 1910.

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