Titular see, suffragan of Cabasa in Aegyptus Secunda.

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    A titular see, suffragan of Cabasa in Ægyptus Secunda. One of the seven mouths of the Nile, Sebennys or Paralus ("Georgii Cyprii Descriptio orbis romani", ed. Gelzer, 39) was situated there. The see is mentioned during the Arab regime in the Coptic "Notitia episcopatuum" (Rougé, "Géographie ancienne de la Basse Egypte", 38, 153). Its bishop, Athanasius, assisted at the Council of Ephesus, 431 (Mansi, IV, 1128, 1160, 1220; V, 590; VI, 874); another, Pasmeius, was present at the Robber Council of Ephesus, 449, and at the Council of Chalcedon, 451 (Mansi, VI, 572, 612, 859, 925; VII, 52). Le Quien (Oriens christ., II, 571) mentions two other Jacobite bishops. The site is now called Burlos or Burollos, the promontory Ras Burlos, the ancient lake of Sebennys Baheret-Burlos.
    CRAMPOLLION, L'Egypte sous les Pharaons, II, 360; GELZER, Georgii Cyorii Descriptio orbis romani, 127.
    S. VAILHÉ.
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